Make that special day even more special with a custom graduation stole or sash! 


I have been doing graduation stoles and sashes for high schools, groups, and individuals for many years so I am very familiar with them and what can and cannot be done.

It is my job to bring your ideas to life for your special someone! SO PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH DETAILED INFORMATION AS YOU CAN. You will get a mockup. 
ALL SASHES AND STOLES WILL BE READY BY GRADUATION, pick up dates will be early- mid-May unless you need it sooner, at which I would appreciate you letting me know :) Mock-ups will be provided by End of April. 

By placing this order you are asking for a custom graduation stole or sash. Stole’s start at $35 and go up from there based on the information going on the garment and the type of materials used.

Please indicate what color stole, school, colors, due date, and any information going on the stole or sash. You will be charged either a minimum of $35 for a stole, or a minimum of $20 for the sash. If there are any additional charges, I will inform you after we have discussed the details. 

**If you have a Stole or sash that you are providing please indicate that in your order**


Please note that if you are providing the stole or sash I cannot guarantee the finished product and I am not responsible for any damages to the product, 

The Deposit of $35 still will be charged and is NON-Refundable. This ensures my time and design fees are met.

**Please be sure and select the correct item!**

once your order is placed I will reach out to get additional details and get you a mock-up of your garment at least 3-5 business days prior to production. If there are any additional fees after the mock-up is approved you will be notified and I will request a separate payment via Venmo or PayPal.